Stop after two.


Give it a go a few times, edge in the morning, and stop. Get past the few minutes of frustration and it’ll be come bearable, get on with showering, getting dressed, so then you can’t easily get back to it – and you’ll start to appreciate the ongoing way it makes you feel. This is the key to learning to not go over, realising that the few moments of true frustration give you a much bigger pay off of feeling energised and sexy all day.

If you can manage that, a few times, you’ll start to really appreciate the true benefits of edging, that it’s not just about how good it feels as you do it – if that’s all you care about, of course cumming feels better. It’s about how it makes you feel ALL DAY. And once you get that, and your mind figures it out, it gets much easier to stop.

Give it a go, and let us know how you get on.


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