It varies a lot, really it’s about discovering what works best for you. ‘Riding the edge’ where you get really close to orgasm and just keep yourself there is a bit of an art, and it takes time to learn. But it’s amazing if you can get there and keep it. 

Edgespace I call it.

When  you’re exploring it, you’ve got to give yourself some leeway to go over, or you’ll never really see how far you can push it. So definitely explore, see what works, risk it.

Most can’t ‘ride the edge’ longer than five, maybe ten minutes. It’s just too intense to keep it up. But the key to staying there, and not going over, is just to keep your breathing steady, stay relaxed. Tense up and you’ll either fall back from the edge or more likely, take you over. 

It’s basically really kinky meditation 😛 

And as for time – how long have you got? if your aim is keep it up for days or longer then sometimes just a few minutes is all you need for a ‘top up’ edge, you sometimes won’t even get near cumming, but it’ll do its job, keeping you aroused and horny. 

And then, when you do have the time, so for a morning or evening edge for example, 10-15 minutes to get to a good ‘hard’ edge is normal, and really getting into it and doing it for an hour or two isn’t unusual either. 

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