So I haven’t posted a lot in the last several months. I throw up things I find sexy, because I want to, and not a lot else. But my owner asked me to post this story up, and so I am.

Last week, Amo took time to really work me up. He hasn’t been doing a lot of edging of me of late, mostly because we’ve all been sick or busy or both. But we had time, and he had a desire. So he shoved my new anal toy up my butt, and a penis plug up my cunt, and proceeded to edge me with his thumb casually while fucking me with the toys.

It was nice. It was more than nice. For a girl who once told him, “I’m getting EXIT ONLY tattooed on my ass,” I’ve come a long way. This new toy is a freakin’ blast… I’ll post a pic of it sometime. 🙂

He got me right up to the hairy edge. He kept me there quite a while… because once I’m that close, all it takes is a nudge of either plug and I’m Right There Again. When he was done playing with me, he continued after I made my “oh fuck I’m gonna cum” sounds. I figured he was going to ruin me, since he gets such a thrill out of that… but he didn’t. He stopped.

Or I THOUGHT he didn’t. Because after I’d calmed down a bit, I felt really fucking odd. He asked if I’d ruined and I immediately said no, because I hadn’t. There was no rush, no “right on edge”, no clenching at all. No ruin. And then he touched my clit.

It felt JUST like it does after a ruin. All sensitive and fucked up and omg stop stop stop please oh fuck god please let me suck your cock no no no nomore! And I realized the “horny level” had kind of sapped away. I still felt all clenched up inside. I still wanted to cum, though not “actively” if that makes sense. But there was no way in hell I hadn’t ruined.

Except I swear to all that’s holy I did not fucking ruin. I didn’t cum. I didn’t get any release at all!

It was just fucking awful, okay? And now? Now he’s just all fucking pleased with himself, all excited. Because now, he knows he can do it. Ruin me with no release at all. This means I am not distracted by my own horniness when sucking his cock. 

Yeah. I’m only writing this because he made me. Just sayin’…

A great write up of how when you mess with them you can do all kinds of awful things with orgasms beyond just ruining them. Just, make them disappear completely. Oh what fun, so many things to discover…

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