Okay, so two strategies to this game, first you’ve got to make him cum! I’d be looking for ways to get him carried away. Your best two options are 1. give him instructions on what you want him to do over the phone, get him right to the edge and tease him with how good it would feel to over, and then hit him with a whammy. I bet there’s something he’d love to do to you or have you do. Throw it in right then, tell him how you want it, how maybe if he cums you’ll let him have it. Evil, genius. 

The other option is using cam to good effect, wait till he’s at the edge before you show anything, incentiveise him, and then go to town as he watches. Seduce that dick into spilling its load.

So then, assuming you’ve managed that, then the punishments.

Well my favourite would probably be that he has to buy a cheap cock cage (CB6000 on ebay is super cheap) and wear that for increasing amounts of time. You can have a suitcase combination lock so that he locks it up on cam and only you know the number. These types of cages aren’t truly secure, so he can get it off if he needs to, but they are great fun for playing with male denial.

Other punishment options include:

  • he has to eat his cum, easy quick and free!
  • he has to shave all his pubic hair
  • wank himself using a menthol rub
  • masturbate to pictures of something gross
  • elastic band snaps on his cock and balls
  • make him confess his deepest fantasies
  • ruin orgasms on cam till he runs dry
  • plus try some male orgasm denial blogs for more punishment ideas

Have fun!

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