So the ‘almost’ has me immediately curious. 

Anyway, your first task is, while edging, start reading through this blog’s extensive ‘archive’

These are the earliest posts:

Go right back to the those posts and see what I covered there, there’s some good stuff. Use the tags on each post to find similar content and edge and edge and edge as you go deeper into it all.

Secondly keep an eye out here as I’m writing a 30 day denial programme that will take you from complete edging newbie to a full accredited denial slut. It’s going to be great!

But most of all, just have fun with this. It’s easy to get too caught up in how long you deny for etc. I’d encourage you to really enjoy the mind fuck of not knowing if you’ve cum yet. It’s like a special ‘extra’ virginity that once you know you’ve cum for sure, you can never go back to. 

Explore the whole ‘brand new in box’ concept too – that can be super hot.

Just make the most of denial helping you to discover what you enjoy, how your body responds. Don’t get stuck doing the same thing, mix it up and challenge yourself. Play with edging, no touch, anal, penetration, keep trying new things and see what excites you the most.

And know there’s a whole community of denial sluts here who support you and you’re becoming part of, it’s wonderful.


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