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Do you do anonymous submissions? I would like to show off my denial bondage “invention” but my profile is linked to my business…

Yes absolutely. Either message me and post it there, or you can email it to me at, or just submit it on here and ask me to make it anonymous.

I found your blog one of my “let’s avoid studying” moods (finals are coming) Went through it for a while & then said fuck it ima try it. My bf is long distance so i only see him on weekends, sometimes every two weeks, but I’m usually good at handling myself pretty consistently. This is literally the longest I’ve gone without cumming (6 days). I’m crazy horny and i can’t focus on my studying lol he doesn’t come visit for two more days…I don’t think I can last. Should I cum or nah? You decide.

Nah, you can do it! But only allow yourself to edge once you’ve completed a set amount of work. Use edges as your rewards and so make denial work for you, not against.

Congrats on the accomplishment though, I’m impressed.

Better not send him this before you meet though…

Hey James, earlier when I was edging I felt like I was going to cum so I stopped all stimulation and over a minute after not touching at all I still came! It was ruined of course but I thought I’d share with you. Have a good day x -KJ

Oh KJ, I love a good delayed orgasm, it’s rare and special!

That time teetering on the edge, where it feels like even a breath might take you over. Where you feel it spreading through you, ready to fall into the abyss of pleasure.

And then of course, when it does come, it’s ruined, no rubbing or fucking to turn that climax into the heavenly experience it could be.


You crumple into the floor of the abyss, your pleasure, sacrificed, given up.

And all the more wonderful for it.

Good girl. Thank you for sharing!

Hi sir! I’m currently staying over at a friend’s house and have very little privacy so I decided to be on no touch for the rest of my time here. But i wanted to ask you (even though this makes me a bad girl) if you would pleaseeeee let me cum when I get home?

No! Where’s the fun in that?

New rule:

You can only cum at her house.

If you’re alone in a room, you’re only allowed a ruin.

But you can have a nice big orgasm, as long as she’s there too.

Let’s hope you’re quiet.

Oh and if you don’t manage it, you’re on no touch for five days when you get home.

Good girl.

Harri here, giving a quick update post-orgasm. Well that was something special 😂 Thank you so much James, definitely one of the longest orgasms I’ve experienced… I do have to admit I was tempted to ruin it, but was so desperate that I just pushed myself over and kept on rubbing… Maybe I’ll ruin the next one I get. Who knows… ;)

Thanks Harri, it’s so rare to get the follow up, it’s most appreciated.

I love that you’re tempted to ruin it, that’s a good denial slut right there.

I’ll make sure you do the next time.

Bye for now, 


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Hi James, I’ve been reading your blog for a month now and I’ve found being called a good girl works way too well on me, as much as I hate to admit it. This is making my experimentation with denial ever more torturous as I nearly cum every time I think about it and leaves me a desperate, dripping mess. I’m blaming you and your sadistic nature for this. And maybe my insatiable curiosity. Any chance of letting me cum to give me some relief, or at least something I can do to persuade you? – Asuna

Oh Asuna, that’s a dilemma. 

I’ve heard it said that

good girls don’t cum.

You want to be a good girl, don’t you.

So no, sweetie. No relief, not for my…

Good evening James! What is ypur opinion on prince Harry’s engagement? As a American my opinion is moot but I think the uproar of her age/race/previous marital status is quite unreasonable or am I just not understanding tradition?

Good evening!

I’m not sure there’s been an uproar, certainly not a negative one over on this side of the pond. Mostly it seems that everyone who cares seems delighted, I know I am.

With Kate as a ‘commoner’ marrying the king to be, then the rules of royal inheritance being rewritten so if they had a girl first she’d be monarch, and now Harry marrying Meghan, well damn, those Windsors are back on their game! If we could just, subtly, skip old Charlie boy then everything would be perfect.

Here’s my other post about it:

Right. Harri again. (Although, when is it not nowadays? 😂) Thought I’d try my luck again and ask: James, please may I cum? Sending love (and hope 🤞) xox

Oh Harri… look at that. A simple request, that I’m delighted to say ‘Yes’ to!

Yes, Harri, you can cum.

I hope it’s a lovely one, do tell us all about it if you feel so inclined.

And here’s a little recap of your journey:

Daddy can I please cum? It has been 10 months since my last orgasm. I have been edging 5 times a day and 5 ruins per week. Please daddy

Things that aren’t cool

  • calling a stranger ‘daddy’
  • sending unsolicited dick or pussy pics
  • nazis

James! It’s Harri, once more :) And, I’m just wondering, may I please cum today? 😁 Love ya! xox

Hi Harri, so wait, are you asking if you can cum, or wondering about it? Ahh yes, you’re ‘just wondering’. Fair enough. Good thing to wonder.

I tell you what though, I’m feeling nice. I’ll reply to your message from yesterday, maybe you’ll have more luck with that one (hint, hint, better get edging, hint)