You are so welcome!

A few suggestions to keep up the fun:

  • Blow jobs on demand, but don’t always let him cum during the day – sexy as fuck but keeps him horny and even meaner and makes the evening release all the more exciting – I have a little emoji I can just send my wife and she’ll know that as soon as she’s free she’s to come up to the office and suck me
  • Agree to use safewords to communicate how you’re feeling about being denied, so unless you use ‘yellow’ or ‘red’ for instance, he knows you’re only complaining because telling him how desperate you are turns you on even more, and he can feel safe to make it even worse
  • Reflect how you feel in the way you dress – you feel so much hornier and sexier, so show that in wearing less, putting on the stuff he loves, heels, more make up etc – you’ll both LOVE it
  • Try a butt plug if you haven’t already – it’ll make you feel such a slut and he will adore it – plus it gets you ready for anal only play when he decides to restrict you to that
  • Create a shared, private tumblr that you can both add ideas and hot posts to every day (thanks to keephimcaged for that one) 

I hope those help. Remember things will always fluctuate in how you feel so just keep communicating. It’s okay to take breaks from things especially as you’re just starting out and build up to the more intense stuff!

Keep us posted and let me know if I can offer any other advice!

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