I found this late.  Well, not so much “found” as remembered.  I’ve been a lurker on the @female-orgasm-denial blog (which I can’t tag for some reason?) for quite some time before starting this new blog and I read about the possibility of Advent denial happening over there before advent hit but I had forgotten.  So here, on the third day of Advent, I am beginning my second Advent calendar and, with it, my Advent denial.  

My first advent calendar has a dram of whiskey for each day of December.  So, with a bit of South African whiskey in my left hand, my right hand drifted down into my pants and I brought myself to the edge as I read the rules and recited the Advent denial promise.  I got a little too close for comfort so I finished the edge with a smack to my pussy. 

Once I was no longer worried about having an orgasm, I recited the promise again and then edged again.  To complete two days worth of challenges, I needed to edge 6 times and it was already getting late.  If I made it to 6, James – of @female-orgasm-denial – and the calendar were offering a ruined orgasm.  On what was, for me, day one!  An Advent miracle!

Except I only made it to 5 edges before the end of the night.  A ruin on my first day had seemed too good to be true, anyway…

Sorry I’m late to reblogging your journal, search didn’t pick it up for some reason.
Welcome out of the lurkiness and into the light!

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