Wheel of denial hates me lol. But it showed me something nice.

-First spin: No touch
Well… shit.

-5 snaps, each nipple and clit, spin
OMG. Never done this before. I figured at least if it hurt way too much on my nips, I’d skip the clit. Couldn’t find a normal rubber band, only a hair tie one. Brand new, so had a decent amount of “snap”. First was ok, second smacked it hard and I had to pause. Holy cow. It was over quickly though, despite how sharp that pain was. Finished both nips. Decided clit wouldn’t be so bad? I was WRONG. Hurried through the last 3 because it was intense. Something I’d like to try again later. Maybe or maybe not with like, a regular rubber band?
-One edge
Aw yis. Vibrator on clit while looking up “forced anal orgasm” on tumblr for the end of it.

-No touch
Damn you! I had time to do three full edges and you fucked me up! I’m not needy, I’m just mad.

Anyways, this is very fun overall! I know when I work I’ll probably be a day behind but eh, as long as I’m doing it. Not really feeling overly horny yet, but we shall see later on.

Fun is the plan! I’m so glad you’re enjoying it.

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