A good girl shouldn’t think of an orgasm as a reward. She should consider it a punishment, because it’s akin to telling them that they don’t need to be frustrated and horny any more. But, a good girl should always be frustrated and sopping wet.

Instead, a good girl should consider a ruined orgasm to be a reward. It doesn’t offer any real release, and leaves her with a rush that she can’t do anything with because she’s a good girl and she’s stopped touching the moment she tips over that edge.

This is beautiful. I love this sentiment. Sometimes. Other times an orgasm is called for, because orgasms are wonderful, so good. And variety truly is the spice of life. I like to mix times of denial with times of freedom. And also I’m a big believer in hope… where’s the true power of denying someone if they don’t think that there’s a sliver of hope you might give in, that you might just say yes? Why beg, truly beg for release if you don’t believe that sweet orgasm might just be on offer?

But then again, I might just say, yes, you can cum… ruin it for me.

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