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oh my fucking god im so horny, i’ve been watching videos of girls edge and cum while i have my legs spread wide open, my pussy is throbbing and dripping, i want to touch but i dont want the ache to stop

What a good girl. Just your breasts, that’s all you can touch, because we both know as you knead and pull on them, as you pinch and tug your aching nipples, it will only make you more desperate, more needy, closer to perfection.

She could hear him coming up the stairs, she was determined not to stop, to let him catch her. She knew no touch meant no stimulation but she was ready to argue her case that the sheet was in the way. An argument she knew she’d lose. 

But that was the point. 

He’d promised to make it even harder if she cheated, and that’s what she wanted now, too shy to ask, but this was her way of telling him. Perhaps he’ll say it again, those words that she secretly repeated to herself all day long, ‘Maybe I’ll never let you cum again’.

I have a confession to make, I love your wheel of denial so much that I spin it A LOT more than once an hour (even when it doesn’t tell me to do so). Despite being good by doing all it says I still feel like you would want me to be punished, but how?

I thought it needed oiling more frequently, now I know why it was getting so squeaky!

You can only use the wheel once an hour, any other spin uses the hard version I’ve just created for you.


I’ve been edging only for almost a month now, and my significant other/dom has not let me come for the entire time. Last night I slipped over the edge and came, and could not hide it. They want me to ask, do you have any punishments in mind for me..?

Three ruined orgasms, followed by three days of no touch, followed by three weeks of denial with a minimum of three edges a day. After which, you get to flip a coin three times in a row, once a day, and your denial continues until you get three heads.

Alternatively, you have to make him cum 100 times before you can have your next orgasm.

How can I make my boyfriend want to control my orgasms? He LOVES forcing them… And edging me…but he let’s me Cum too soon and doesn’t control my pussy in his absence… Any tips? I want him to enjoy my denial as much as I do.

The best approach is to just be honest and tell him. Send him your own version of this message.

‘Honey, I had a special request for the next time we’re together. I love how you make me cum, and you’re really good at it. But I have this really strong fantasy that I’ve not told you before – I don’t want you to let me cum. Not at all. I want you to get me as close as you can, and then just keep stopping. Keep teasing me. And no, not even at the end of the night, just leave me like that, dripping, horny, desperate for you. I want to see how it makes me feel, I think it’ll make me even more of a little slut for you. It’ll make me even more desperate to please you, service you, let you do whatever you want to me.

So can we try honey? Leave me like that, keep me like that, maybe even the whole time till we’re next together? I’d love that so much, I hope you would too.’

Who are some of your favorite bdsm/denial/stuff like that pornstars? If you don’t have any, do you have any videos you recommend? Preferably long but whatever x3 thank you!!!

I’m afraid I’m just not that into conventional porn, I couldn’t really name many porn stars at all, although I like James Deen and Stoya, and Sasha Grey had something special about her.

While there’s lots of good male denial videos, there’s hardly any female denial, they all end in orgasms. Boooo. But then, not cumming doesn’t really make for a great finale, so it’s understandable.

However, this is currently my favourite porn video:

If you find any good ones, feel free to share!

Nothing but a pair of heels, that’s all he’d left her with. Two suitcases of beautiful clothes and lingerie, empty, only some food and water and the toys he’d bought her left lying in the on the desk. There was no way she could leave the room.

The note next to them had read, ‘99 edges before I’m back, princess. No TV, no phone, nothing to read. Just those toys and your imagination to get you ready for me.’

She closed her eyes, spread her legs and began.

Do you have any suggestions for some evil mind fucks and mental torture along with humiliation for a sub who loves water sports, pee holding, orgasm denial and objectification

Oh what a wonderfully specific request, I love it!

Okay, so here’s one to start, (come back for more) or come off anon…

You may only edge with a full bladder. So you are to drink regularly throughout the day, and only go to pee when you’re truly desperate, at which point you are to sit on the toilet, and rub yourself to the edge. Only then may you pee, ideally as you edge but that’s often difficult, so stop if you have to.

To earn your orgasm you have to have completed this task ten times, that’ll be a few days worth probably.

To actually orgasm you have to get a full bladder again, but this time you’re to go to a bath, and with your hips up high, edge like that, then pee over yourself first (if you’re into watersports you’ll know how to do this I expect) but basically this:

If you can’t do this, use a cup in the shower or improvise. But basically when you’re coated in pee, you can have a ruined orgasm. Yes, ruined, not a nice full one. Little piss sluts like you don’t deserve that. Instead you need that moment of realisation as you lie there soaked in your own pee, cunt weeping from your ruined orgasm, what a disgusting little slut you are.

One day’s no touch and then start again. Let us know how you’re getting on and I might let you actually have a proper orgasm at some point.

Three months ago she’d just agreed to him controlling her orgasms as a bit of a fun game. Now she was kneeling at the end of his leash. How the fuck did that happen and why did she love it so much?