Good question. Edging can really make you feel amazing; sexy, horny, the very best legal high! However it can also make you frustrated, pissed off, and in a bad mood too.

My first bit of advice is try doing it for three days. I know, that might sound crazy if you are struggling already, but as I’ve written before, my experience is that around three days there CAN be a real shift in how you feel to a much more euphoric, calming, and pleasurable experience.

It sounds as though you’re only doing it for short periods of time so give that a go.

Once you’ve experienced that it can be easier to tap into it again when you edge in the future, even for shorter amounts of time.

However, it might just be that denial isn’t for you! And that’s okay. Perhaps evaluate why you’re being edged, are you doing it for someone else, is it solo play? It’s often far hotter if it is someone else telling you you can’t cum, hopefully you have someone who can do that for you.

Either way, tease and denial are supposed to make sex more fun, more intense and even sexier. If it’s not doing that for you, try something else!

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