Advent denial day 9

The challenge for this day was to dress up nice for yourself, and I kinda did it, but not really. I had been to a christmas party the night before where I wore a low cut dress and my cage bra and some thigh high boots. This was more daring that I would usually dress, but this denial challenge has been making me feel more sexy (and naughty). So I felt like I kinda already did the challenge, and since I was also slightly hungover and home all day (I still live with my parents, so they’d question why I got dressed up fancy) I decided to not so the dressing up part. However, I took a very long shower and shaved my legs and my pussy. This is something I usually don’t have the energy to do, but I love it when I’m smooth (especially when I’m masturbating) so it had the same affect as dressing up nicely for myself would have.

My first two edges of the day were pretty standard for me; humping and grinding on my comforter, but the third one so much fun. After my shower I spent a long time teasing my pussy and clit by lightly dragging my vibrator over it, whilst it was on the lowest setting. Half an hour later I was soaking and decided to put the vibrator in me instead. It’s a big thick, so it spend a bit of time just relishing in being stretched.

Now, I am not usually the kind of girl who gets much pleasure from penetration alone, and since my clit was so sensitive, I made sure my vibrator didn’t come in contact with it so I wouldn’t accidentally come. But boy was that night different. For the first time I actually understood why people enjoy fucking themselves with toys! I came so close to coming from penetration alone and I almost couldn’t keep my moans in, it felt so good! The only reason I didn’t accidentally go over the edge was because my arm got tired a little too fast.

I don’t know if it’s the denial or the half hour of teasing, but I have discovered a new way to bring myself a lot of pleasure and I couldn’t be happier

Woo hoo!
This is brilliant. Firstly great to see you adapting the task to fit the day. I should have mentioned shaving as an option, doh! Clever you.
Then the new discoveries of the pleasures you can experience. That is EXACTLY the point of all this so well done!!!! I’m so happy!

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