Sunday fun day, I was intrigued by the sharing portion of today, I am having fun but it is a fine line to walk you never know how someone will respond. But I do have a friend who is kinkier, so I gave her a call this afternoon. And we got to talking about sex, she knows I like to have kinkier sex and she likes to hear about it, so today I casually dropped that I hadn’t been orgasming and I had been edging instead. I didn’t bring up the calendar, I wanted to see what she thought first and her interests were peaked. She is very committed to her orgasms though, the type of girl who tells a guy he’s not allowed to be done until she’s done despite being submissive. I told her she should try it, she has shared with me that she thinks she overuses her vibrator so I suggested she try to use it in a new way…. I’ll see what she thinks tomorrow I guess. 

So far as the hypnotic edging goes I had never done that before and was very curious, so I clicked on the links just to see what it was about. The audio started to play first and I just let it play as I looked at the pictures. I just meant to look at them quickly but I was drawn in, the pictures were just really enticing. I ended up watching and listening for a while. They just kept flashing by so quickly and I just wanted to keep watching, seeing the next delicious image. I got my first edge in then, just watching, not even touching, just watching and enjoying. That was quite the experience. 

I did my second edge just watching the pictures, they were very enjoyable, just a little snaps that left you wanting more, kind of like an edge, just a little taste leaving you hungry for more. I don’t think the hypnotic style increased my edging but it was fun to try. 

For my third edge I used my favorite toy and set up with a lovely story, I wanted to try and hold the edge for as long as I could, by the end of the night it was not very long. However the challenge of sitting right on the edge and not spilling over was amazing, I just kept repeating “I am not going to cum, I don’t have permission to cum” and when it was too intense I pulled away. Leaving my pussy aching with desire. 

What a cracker, PN, I love it, good girl! You’re an inspiration.

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