Sexy clothes.

I edged a lot today. I had to do a bunch of work today, tedious, boring work. But at least I got to do it at home. The obvious answer was to reward my progress with edges. Right?

Right, so I actually started with four before I even got out of bed and then read over what the challenge was for today. I put on my favourite pair of underwear, which always makes me feel sexy and I got to work.

Some lovely people out there, notably @matty-poppinz, were kind enough to leave me some extra good things to look at while I edged. I was still bummed that I was working, but a good stroll through tumblr and a few more edges and I wasn’t finding work nearly so bad. That was about 10 am, long day ahead of me still. I decided to update my outfit a bit, took off my pants and put on a skirt for easier access and went back to work. (To help keep my mind on the job at hand, I put a pillow on the chair to grind against.) 

At around noon I got another break and edged a bunch more. I didn’t really want to stop and go back to work, it all just felt so good. While I was working I kept teasing myself, running my soaking wet fingers over my clit and tweaking my nipples or grinding against my pillow, my hips rocking back and forth of their own accord. By the time I got to the next break, I was in trouble. 

I edged a bunch more times as my reward for getting to that point, but I needed to cool off a bit (not to mention get out of the apartment a bit). I pulled my underwear up tight like from Day 4 and put my pants back on. Unf, I forgot how they teased my clit like that, an occasional reminder on my walk.

Work progressed a bit slower in the afternoon, but after my next edging session it didn’t seem to matter. My clit and pussy were twitching without any touching. 

I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from coming if I continued to play with my clit so I tried using my vibe. My pussy was clenching it so tightly and it was so slick that I had a hard time hanging onto it. I couldn’t quite get a proper edge that way (at least one that I was sure I could stop), but it felt soooo good and I was whining with frustration at not being able to just go all the way. 

It was hard going back to work. I’d gotten rid of the pillow, but it didn’t matter, everything was twitching.

Now I’m finally finished all that work. And if it wasn’t December, I’d usually have rewarded myself with a really satisfying orgasm. I’ve obviously been hanging out with you fine folks too much, because I am half seriously considering a ruin.

Sweet dreams. 

Oh these journals today are just top notch!
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