I decided
to start the first day of Advent Denial Challenge with some anal play. Bringing
a butt plug to the shower was probably my best idea today lol. Started on the
floor, in a cowgirl position, I was teasing my pussy while having my ass
plugged. Didn’t took me long until the edge, as anal was always much more
intense for me. Then, after getting in the shower, I went into a doggy position
and started fucking my ass with a butt plug quickly, imagining there was
actually someone fucking my ass.

For the
second edge of the day I also kept my ass plugged, but this time I laid on my
stomach and put my hand under, teasing my clit slightly. My imagination went
crazy (for me) today – while being in this position, I had an image of someone
licking and sucking on my clit while playing with my ass at the same time in my head. Now
that edging session was even better than the previous one, and it’s just the
beginning of the challenge, jeez.

For the
bedtime edge I decided to keep it simple, yet intense, and stimulated my g-spot
and clit at the same time. Ah, how difficult it was to stop when it just
started to feel so good! I even managed to ride the edge a little bit, as I
didn’t really want to stop yet. Left my pussy dripping and throbbing for the

23 more
days to go, I’m getting excited!

I’m getting excited too, good job!

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