Advent Denial, Day One

This is the first post on my “secret” blog! I’m an amateur comic and graphic artist, but I don’t feel comfortable posting NSFW art and text where all my friends can see it. Haven’t got any pics finished, but I’ve got some sketches done.

Anyway! On to my personal exploration into orgasm denial this month.

It’s been a while since I’ve done any sort of real denial. I usually go for two or three days, a week and a half being my longest streak which was over a year ago. But I wanted to actually participate in something this year, so here I am!

I saw @female-orgasm-denial ’s post at around two, so I figured I’d just stick with two edges the first day, but make one of them dragged out. I ended up holding the edge for about ten or fifteen minutes, which may sound like good self-discipline, but the longer I hold the harder it is to not give in to the urge to cum. I kept looking through different porn blogs, saying to myself, “okay, time to stop now, don’t cum you idiot it’s only the first day!”

I managed to pry my hand off my clit, but it was a trial. Man, I’m out of practice.

I did manage to recite the “advent denial vow”, though I was pretty embarrassed about it. I whispered it with my face shoved into my pillow.

I’m shy, okay?

In conclusion, I am way out of practice, but hopefully, I’ll be able to do the whole month. Expect to see some art in future posts!

Oh a secondary blog set up just for this journal, fab! Good job Donna, love the thought of you reciting the vows with your face pressed in the pillow!!!

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