Would you like to try Juno?

If you are reading this, maybe you aren’t a denial slut. Maybe you read the blog, but make yourself cum to simply the fantasy of being denied. Maybe you’ve considered trying it, but are too afraid. Maybe you just need a push. I am here to tell you that you should be a denial slut. And here is why.

I wasn’t a denial slut a year ago.

I’d been following the blog, yes, of course. And I had tried denial with ex-boyfriends, but never more than a few days. I knew it turned me on, but I had never done it properly.

And then James started Juno.

It was an impulsive decision: I wanted to see if it turned me on, i wanted to see if I could do it, i wanted to see what would happen if I pushed myself. It was silly, and careless.

But I wasn’t a denial slut. I wasn’t yet convinced that not cumming was better – only that not cumming would make cumming better. I was unreasonably horny after only three days. And after five days, I gave up, and I came. And I confessed to James, in private.

I thought that would be the end of it. I wished denial was something I was into, but, I said then, “maybe I’m just not cut out for long-term denial”. He was kind, patient, understanding. He told me he was proud of me. He asked me if I wanted to try again. I said yes. He asked me if he could help me try again. I said “i would like that, sir”.

The rest, I suppose, is history, and outlined in the other posts on my blog. I ended up not coming for more than a month. After that first orgasm he allowed me, I even ended up not coming for more than two months.

And now, I haven’t had an orgasm in five weeks. It was my birthday this week, and i was allowed to cum. Just once. Just one orgasm, after weeks of edging and begging and looking forward to it.

And I edged, and I cried, and I whined –

And then I ruined it.

All I can say is how incredibly kind, patient and caring James has always been. Over the year, we became friends, and things happened – horrible things. We’ve both gone through a lot. But from the vanilla conversations, to the things I research for him, or the advice he offers me, or the cruellest conversations where I cry and he encourages me, I have always been grateful. I wouldn’t be where I am now without him, without Juno, and that is a good thing.

And yes, now, I am a denial slut. I know that not cumming is better, although I still get desperate for that rare orgasm. I still beg. I still cry when he tells me no. A year ago, I said “maybe long-term denial isn’t for me”. But in a way, although I’ve been allowed to cum relatively often, I have now been denied for a year. My orgasms aren’t mine: he gives them to me, sometimes sparingly, sometimes generously. But I always ask.

And that is how it is supposed to be. I have found my place, and it is at someone’s mercy. And whatever else happens, this knowledge keeps me safe, and it makes me happy, and it makes me unbearably, impossibly wet.

And it is what Juno could do for you, too.

(now please can I cum, Sir?)

I asked my dear friend @in-heart-and-soul to write this up for me as JuNO had such a profound impact on her this time last year. What a difference a year makes. I’m very proud of you, sweetie!

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