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I’m so excited about being my post being included on the female orgasm denial blog and so proud. The task I have been set is challenging because my husband isn’t really enthusiastic about sex and I have to get his cum in my mouth 5 times. I have managed twice already!! Last night as I gave him his hot drink before bed I just kneeled in front of him and reached my hand to his zipper and slowly pulled it down. He was only a little aroused, and much more surprised as I pulled his cock out and proceeded to suck it. It took a while to get him really hard and he seemed confused by what I was doing but I got there eventually and began to edge myself as I sucked and stroked him taking him as deep as I could. Then suddenly I felt the tell-tale jerks in his cock beginning to build so I closed my lips around his head and teased him with my tongue for just a few more seconds and heard him gasp and then shout as my mouth filled with his cum and he pulled himself back out of my mouth. and spurted again over my face, This dribbled down my chin and over my top, there was also some cum coming out of my nose! I tried to push it all into my mouth with my fingers. He looked confused and a little disturbed by my behaviour, I looked at him and said, ‘thanks, that was nice, let’s go to bed’ so we did.

When I woke up, really early I felt the need to edge so bad. He was still asleep ~ it was half an hour before his alarm, so very slowly and carefully I slipped the duvet off and gently turned him onto his back so I could reach his cock through his pyjamas fly. I very carefully pulled it out through the little hole and then reeled back the foreskin and took his head in my mouth and began sucking it very gently. It was warm and soft and surprisingly slowly began to harden, as I got more enthusiastic in my sucking and stoking it (and stroking myself!). He awoke with a bit of a start and then seemed to relax back into the moment, but again it seemed to take and age to get him really excited, as I stroked him and licked as well as sucking then he groaned a bit and seemed to strain quite hard and just a little cum came into my mouth, one very strong spurt then as he pulled his cock out a few more squirts released themselves as he seemed to quite quickly go flaccid. I tried to lick him clean but he pushed me away. He asked me what had got into me lately as I went to make him some breakfast, and just said ‘I thought you might enjoy it’. He said ‘It’s not all about sex you know!’ 

I love him very much and don’t want to hurt him, or loose him, but I need something he just doesn’t have to give, a master or mistress, someone who can bring out the slut in me and relieve this burning need inside me, to be controlled and used.

What can I do ~ I keep edging and trancing ~ thanks Gentlemanlibertine for your wonderful trances and to female orgasm denial for your help. Edging is just such bliss…

Okay, this is brilliant, and the new information on your situation makes it all the more impressive, well done you!

Now, he’s less into this than I’d guessed so we need an answer for ‘what got into you’, and I’ve written about this before but fuck me if I can find it – it’s a nice little tactic called ‘The Dream’.

‘So, I was embarrassed to tell you but the other night I had the most vivid dream, I was sucking your cock and the more I sucked it the hornier I got, and I woke up so aroused, I just can’t stop thinking about it.’

That’s it, that’s all the explanation you need. He’ll relax and hopefully encourage you if you give him a bit of space to get his libido back up. If not, you need to keep asking. Try not to freak him out by doing it too often, pace yourself to avoid burn out!

On top of which, you seriously need to visit my favourite male denial blog, Keephimcaged– not because it’s necessaily the solution to your husband’s libido (although personally, I love playing with cock cages, they are hot as fuck) but they talk about the wonderful idea of a shared secret Tumblr the two of you have which would be perfect for your situation.

As for jumping down the path of a master or mistress, I’m afraid the advice is the same as I give anyone in that regard. It’s a real minefield. Most ‘doms’ are just horny assholes looking for a submissive because they are ‘easy’. 

Give your husband a bit of a chance before you totally write him off. Look at that blog, talk to him, read more, there’re lots of options before you risk everything with some random stranger who likes to be called ‘Sir’.

In the meantime, keep on edging!

Good girl.

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