It seems like I won’t ever be able to post a new task every week. Sorry, it’s just a lot of work.

This week I want to post a masturbation instruction. A normal, boring masturbation instruction. Okay, it won’t be boring, but it will be pretty vanilla, apart from the missing orgasm at the end. Or maybe I will let you ruin one, who knows… You won’t need any toys for it. You are not allowed to read the end without doing the task. You are only allowed to read a new instruction once you’ve completed the old one. No cheating! Oh and no touching until I tell you otherwise.

  1. Strip naked and lie on your back on your bed, then put your feet flat on the bed and spread your legs. Wider, imagine you want to put your beautiful pussy on show. Start to run your fingers over your body, but don’t get near your nipples or pussy, that’s not allowed, not yet… Try different things, touch your tummy then go down to your legs and stroke the inside of your thighs, then slowly back up again, between your breasts, until you reach your neck. Start exploring your skin there, draw little lines from your ears to your collar bone and back up. Do this little exploration for at least 3 minutes, you can always do more if you want to.
  2. Does that make you horny little slut? Does this make you want to touch your clit? Mhmm, I should hope so. You don’t get to touch your clit yet, only your nipples. You can touch them with exactly one finger. One fingertip for both nipples. You can do what you want with that finger, but you are not allowed to use more than one. Aww don’t look so frustrated, I’m sure you’ll find something which feels good. Play with each nipple for 1 minute while the other hand continues stroking your skin, then move on to the next instruction.
  3. If you take less than 6 minutes for this instruction start over from instruction 1. Getting desperate for more already? That’s so cute. I’m far from done with you. Stop playing with your nipples now and start to draw circles around your entire breasts. Yes, I know, that’s a mean one, that’s why I do it! Slowly get closer to the nipples while you draw the circles with your fingertip, but don’t you dare to touch them. Once you’ve reached the edge of the nipples draw 5 full circles, then make them wider again until you’re back where you started with drawing. Oh look at your nipples, they are nice and hard now! Maybe you should pinch them once to see if that helps. After you’ve pinched them start to draw the wide circles again, then repeat the whole thing. After this one you get one twist on your nipples and after another repeating of the circle drawing you get to play as much as you want with your nipples. Lucky you.
  4. Aww do you want more than just nipple play? You are so adorable! Okay, I tell you what, you get to stimulate your clit! No no, don’t touch it, you have to grind it at something. Don’t edge, edging isn’t allowed yet. Just grind it on every thing you want to. But keep your hands away. Grind on at least 3 different objects (for example: pillow, edge of the mattress, stuffie) for one minute before you move on to the next instruction.
  5. Now move your hand down to your pussy and cup it. Don’t move your hand, just cup your mound. Feel the warmth radiating from it, the softness of your skin and the dampness of your little hole. Now start to grind the palm of your hand. Stimulate your clit like this, try to get to the edge for me. Take all the time you need, just make it feel good until you’re at the edge. If you can’t edge from this, no problem. After you’ve tried it a bit you can swap to rubbing your clit with your fingers. But do try the grinding, as doing different things can be very exciting!
  6. Good girl, just stay on the edge for me. You can bounce if you can’t hold it, it will make you desperate anyway. No, no cumming for you, just edge and enjoy the frustration and the longing for that orgasm. Feel how your whole body screams for that release, and yet it won’t get it… I want you to edge for at least 10 minutes, you can extend it to 20 minutes though if you want. You can stimulate yourself any way you want, you can grind or rub your clit or just keep doing what you did. Just don’t cum.

All done? Good girl! For those of you not into denial, you can now cum. But if orgasm denial now turns you on you can ask for permission, from James or myself. No cumming until you got the answer!

Oh and as always, feedback is very welcome!

A very nice, teasing guided masturbation task from Diva!

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