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I showed your blog to my husband and he LOVES the idea of orgasm denial for me. We started yesterday and I’m already frustrated and wanting an orgasm. Yesterday and again this morning he woke me up by lightly rubbing my clit till I was moaning and begging to cum. He pulled my panties tight into my clit and l left me. During the day (at least three times) he pulls my pants and panties to my knees and fingers me to the edge. He said if I can make it 7 days he will allow one ruined orgasm.

Hurray for kinky married couples, it’s nice to know we’re not alone!

Do tell him he doesn’t have to do all the work though, I’d highly recommend he makes you edge yourself once or twice a day. Firstly because you can take yourself closer, faster, than he can, and secondly it’s just super hot to be told to do it, especially if he watches (or for some it can be even hotter if he kind of ignores you!).

It does seem to be a little focused on you though, my dear. I think, once he’s got you truly desperate, he needs to switch things around and get you waking him with a blow job, after you’ve edged yourself. If being his little denial slut isn’t making you want to drop to your knees and suck him, then you probably aren’t being edged nearly enough.

You’ll probably start wanting to dress up more for him too, this is perfectly normal. Personally I like my wife in dresses and skirts, usually without panties, for ease of access. Stockings don’t just look hot, they are supremely practical as it looks like she’s wearing tights, but she and I know that there’s nothing underneath. Or, if she is wearing the panties that go with them she wears them OVER the suspender belt (garter belt as americans call it) so they can be removed with ease – which is how they are supposed to be worn btw, unless it’s just for looking hot.

My main bit of advice is just have fun. If you go over by accident, don’t worry about it too much. Maybe use it as an excuse to have a fun spanking or something similar, but definitely celebrate a week of it by an orgasm, ruined or otherwise. 

It takes time to adjust properly to a denial regime. Hopefully, beyond the horniness and frustration, you’ll find that in a day or two you also discover a very real sense of wellbeing that comes from the experience too. Some describe it as a ‘denial high’ (well I do at least). You’ll should discover not only a greater desire to hump your hubby’s brain out, but also an increased intimacy with him – this shit can go pretty deep!

So have fun, and feel free to get him to message me if he wants any diabolical suggestions!


Think I’ve posted this before, but it always needs to be reposted. (Source.)

This is fabulous!

Hi I’m the no touch girl. I could stand to learn from your self control advice to the pillow humping girl. I always go over when I try to hold an edge. I found out that grinding is acceptable. Anal play is a no go for reasons. I’m curious about nipple play as I don’t usually get much pleasure from touching them myself. I’m able to experiment so I’m curious and eager to hear your cruel ideas to have a play around with. I’m sure my Master will enjoy them too. :)


Hello again!
For holding an edge it’s often useful to first learn how to hold a certain level of arousal, so don’t try to be at the very brink of orgasm, try to be a little bit under the edge and then hold that. If you feel safe there get a tiny bit closer, really slowly. Learn to control it, just by trying it. Basically when I’m holding an edge I slow down until I feel that it is too little to keep me at the edge, then I slowly get faster again and then I balance my movements between being too slow and too fast. You have the advantage of actually feeling what happens with your arousal, use it and listen and feel! Don’t forget to breath, holding your breath makes holding an edge so much harder. Also try not to tense up. When I’m holding an edge I don’t move at all, breath very slowly and barely rub my clit. It looks like I’m sleeping with my eyes open 🙂 good luck with that!
Okay, more cruel ideas for no touch without getting bored of it:
1. Have one morning edge and one evening edge. No touch apart from that.
2. Play with your breasts, but don’t touch your nipples (my favourite is drawing circles around your nipples, nearly touching them. It makes you desperate to touch them and when you finally do it feels much better than when you just start with touching them)
3. Play with pain, you are only allowed to touch when you pay for it at the same time (so for example one clothes peg on each nipple and on each labia two, then you can rub your clit. With clothes pegs remove them once every 15 minutes for 1 minute to maintain the circulation. Putting them back on after you removed them hurts like a bitch, I warn you now)
4. Try applying arousal gel (toothpaste works too but hurts a bit, avoid toothpaste with whitening effect, also water makes it burn a bit more, so be prepared for that if you want to wash it off) and no touch at the same time
5. Crotch ropes! They are amazing, I have a tutorial on my blog (just search ‘tutorials’). As an alternative, pulling your panties into your slit keeps you aroused and focused on your clit too. A thong worn backwards is also very interesting.
6. Sleeping stuffed. Either stuff your panties in your pussy (keep a tiny bit outside to be able to pull it out) or put a dildo/plug inside and keep it in place with tight panties or a crotch rope.
Have fun with those!
If anyone has another idea send them to me and I’ll add it!

Diva’s going to put me out of a job!

How did you earn your orgasm?


I didn’t earn it, I came without permission and earned myself another month of denial when my exams are over… I’m at 4 months and one week now, I will go insane.

I love it when a plan comes together.


Me: Am I allowed to ask for the vibe?
James: Of course
Me: May I please please please use the vibe Sir? My clit it still sore and I have to work so hard without it
James: No

I’m so in love with the Denial Academy, please let there be more 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Oh there’s lots more if it seems people like it! I love getting feedback, as messages or just likes and reblogs! Show the love you horny little followers.

Denial Academy – Technological Advancements

One of the more remarkable developments in recent years at the Academy has been the use of technology to help support the training and development of the girls in its care.

Due to the privileged positions of power its graduates often gain the Denial Academy has access to the cutting edge of technological research and development. The most significant of these has been the use of biometric monitoring and feedback through RFID implants in each of the students.


As well as helping staff keep track of students, the implants have been specifically designed for the academy to monitor their pulse, hormone levels and blood pressure. These factors combined are able to assess with 98% accuracy if a girl has edged, orgasmed or ruined that orgasm.

While strict rules about not cumming without permission have been in place at the academy since its foundation, it is only in the last four years that secret cheating has been entirely eradicated via the implants.

Graduates do have the chance to have the implant removed, however many are so enamoured with the denial regime that they choose to have the implants left in, and contractually bind themselves to ‘forfeit’ fees in the order of thousands of dollars every time they orgasm without permission of designated gatekeepers. Those contracts may only be nullified by marriage, civil partnership, bankruptcy or admittance to a national slave registry.

We can only guess at what the agreed ‘climax fees’ average at, but as an indicator the annual Alumni dinner, where every attendee is allowed an orgasm is usually fully booked six months in advance, surprising given the $5,000 dollar a plate charge.

The innovation continues at the Academy. A new secondary implant is being tested with girls who continue to orgasm without permission. This brand new technology allows for hormone induction and control and after a ten day learning cycle can actually inhibit the ability to climax completely in the user. While this kind of forced denial is undesirable as it is the development of self-control that is central the philosophy of the Academy, it does act as a powerful incentive and prevents unfair cheating by the less disciplined students.

The longer term effects are currently unknown, it is possible that the girls may be left completely unable to orgasm, but given it is currently a punishment measure this has been deemed an acceptable risk by their parents and the school.

I’m beginning to understand how boring no touch is. I was told on Thursday night that I’m not allowed to cum until at least Monday. I was horny all of yesterday but because I’m not allowed to touch today I don’t really even care. I know why I’m not allowed, because I’m a naughty little slut, but with my Master too busy to play with me it isn’t particularly interesting.


You could maybe ask your master if grinding counts as touching? Also, nipple play/anal often isn’t included when talking about no touch. When James wants to restrict me from everything (so anal and pussy and nipples) he calls it ‘strict no touch’.
Or maybe putting you on no touch apart from one edge after waking and one before sleeping could keep your horniness level up. There are a lot of options which work well for people who don’t like no touch because it’s boring for them. If you want more specific ideas just ask me, I’m sure I’ll have a few cruel ideas for you, as I know exactly how you’re feeling 🙂

Superb reply Diva!


This was supposed to be my celebration picture for 500 followers. I’m a bit late, so thank you for more than 600 followers! You guys are amazing 🙂

Diva’s most beautiful bottom.
If you’re not following her blog, you’re missing out!
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Do you not want to cum a lot tho?


Of course I want to cum a lot, but I love the constant horniness and frustration, and I love feeling his control and his power over me. And I love not getting what I want, and begging and shouting at him, even though it never bothers him. How much I love denial and how long I can go without starting to hate it depends on the situation, though. It just changes sometimes.