After cumming Juli 1st, I asked if I could cum to my liking this past week. I could (thank you!) And what a week it was. Somehow I managed to get myself in a dare with someone new to denial, who I challenged to not cum for three days. *rolls eyes at herself Ofcourse I offered to join in for support. 😛 I swear, I am hopeless. Anyway, that lasted longer than three days, and is actually still going. Pretty darn impressive for a first timer. But I did want to cum sometime before the week was over.

Queue in Sphinx, who I gave a challenge of his own. It’s been going on for longer than this week ago, but basically, he’s fucked. 😀 When this year started I said I would allow him twelve orgasms this year. I am intending to keep it that way, unless he safewords on the denial. So, a couple of weeks ago, after I made him cum, I told him. You can now cum whenever you want. He had six orgasms left at that point. It’s such a win-win situation. He’s still denied in a way, but he has to hold himself back. It’s wonderful. He hates it. 😀

So last night, after a week of showing my denial pupil the ropes and edging along, I figured it was time I should cum. After at least two weeks of telling Sphinx he can’t fuck me unless he cums he gets a tad… beggy. 😛 After giving me backscritches and buttrubs he got all cuddly and sweet, asking me if we could pleahease fuck without him cumming. Ofcourse I told him no, as I was grinding my butt into his crotch. I mean. That’s just how it works. 😛 He worked himself up more by putting his dick between my legs, basically naked dryhumping me as I was asking him why he wouldn’t want to cum in me. He gets so cute when he’s all worried he won’t have any orgasms left before long. After more fondling and back and forth with the begging and the teasing he finally gave up and rolled over. But you know… I wasn’t really done yet. 😛 So I rolled over to spoon him, started caressing his balls and rubbing his dick through the blanket, sweet talking him like I took pity. Ehum. 😛 Poor baby. Got him worked up enough that guiding his hand to his dick slipped into him desperately stroking himself and bucking up into thin air. Trying to let his hand slide between my legs, which I refused, ofcourse. No dear… just fucking, and only if you’ll cum. So eventually, he did. He did good too. 😉 He made me cum twice, and as he was cumming along with me during my second orgasm, I could just feel his seed spurting out of me, which felt so fuckin’ hot.

It’s just so darn fun that begging for his cum, talking him into blowing his load… is one of the meanest things I could do to him now. 😀 Plus, I get to act like a total slut. Like I said, win-win. Even more perfect, his orgasm last night didn’t drop his sensitivity or his need to cum – at all! So guess who got a blowjob as he was panting and nearly humping the kitchen cupboards after edging this morning! 😉

Denied people are so fun to play with! ^^

Beautiful work @wickedlittlebtch

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