Well, it all depends on how a period affects you and how no touching affects you too. My first advice is play in the shower, it’s a favourite place for many to do their edges and you can not have to worry about any mess. 

Mood dependent, many will just continue to do some edges with a tampon in and not really let the denial be too interrupted. Some find that edging actually helps with cramps, others tell me it’s horrible…

The other factor, if you do stop the edging, is to effectively think of yourself on ‘no touch’ denial during your period, and just resume again when you can. I think that pretty much depends on how your period affects your libido, if it makes you hornier it could be a nice tease not to allow yourself any stimulation. However, after a few days, it varies person to person, you may find your horniness reduces. That’s life, you can just look forward to topping it up when you’re able to edge again!

Honestly there’s no such thing as ‘wasted’ time in denial. Unless the idea really turns you on it isn’t so much about how long you’ve gone for, but about how you feel, right now, as you deny yourself. Physiologically you won’t be back to square one anyway, as your body is getting conditioned to the idea of being denied and you’ll find it picks up very quickly wherever it was left off.



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