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How do you edge ? I’m new to this

Thanks for the question!

Very simply you masturbate, but you do not orgasm.

More specifically edging is taking yourself right to the edge of cumming, hence the name, but not going over into climax.

For some they quickly get to the edge and then fall back by stopping or slowing down, but ideally, for orgasm denial, it’s most effective to learn to take yourself to that edge and try and keep yourself there for as long as you can, a few minutes at least.

As you practice doing it, you’ll more than likely go over the edge sometimes and orgasm. Don’t worry! This is meant to be fun. Try again!

And once you’ve got the hang of it, come back and ask about denial…

I’ve been trying to quit masturbating, or at least, lessen the amount I masturbate, because it distracts me from work, and exercise. Do you have any suggestions?

Stop visiting Tumblr.


Run, run to the hills.

Welcome to female orgasm denial.
Be careful what you wish for.

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I concur with the others asking for more daily/weekly/monthly denial tasks/ regimens and instructions. The ones you ve posted already (like the card game and the answer you posted to anonymous on June 9 with suggested punishments) are sooo hot and have me wet all day!!

Thank you everyone who’s echoed this request, I will do more, I will! 

Just bear with me as work is very busy and alas, while orgasm denial is the most wonderful kink, it pays very poorly.

This blog however, is definitely powered by the feedback, encouragement and ‘asks’ of my horny followers. So if you want more, tell me just how it’s impacting you, like this lovely anon just has. It all spurs me on!

She barely remembered the innocent girl who’d sent that ask, curious about why denial was even a turn on.

Now she knew. She knew the constant, desperate ache; she knew the overwhelming need to please; she knew what it was to belong to another, mind, body and soul.

That girl was gone forever, and now only his denial slut remained. 

That, she knew.

This is what I want my denial to do to you. Utterly destroy your inhibitions.

It took a few days for you to give up your panties, and the struggle to make you wear a dress without them took a couple more. But since then, you’ve started to just accept what I want as they’ve got shorter and shorter.

And now finally, that dress you bought to go with those leggings, the one that barely covers your ass, that you wore for me in the first picture you took for me, that’s all that’s left to you.

This is what I’ve wanted since I saw you in it, and darling, the moment you said yes to trying denial, I knew I’d get what I wanted.

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Today I had the day off, so I edged myself over and over….I actually brought myself to tears! But it was sssoooo worth it! ;)

Congratulations on what I think is one of the most intense experiences with denial, bringing yourself to tears. Particularly impressive if you’re doing it without guidance!

If anyone’s interested in getting to that place then I recommend trying ruined orgasms as a bit of a shortcut, find my blog entry further down for technique if you need it.

Pt. 2 Maybe: ***Consensual non-consent (I will expand more on this later if you need to know)*** Medium-Heavy Pain Limits: Blood/knife play Permanent denial Full public

Good grief.. Angel’s most appropriate as that list is heavenly!