Ahh well, this is a really good point, but, not 100% correct.

It fails to take in the secret ingredient that makes all the difference.

The special something that I need to make sure I keep in the mix, just to absolutely guarantee your denial experience is as intense as possible.


Oh yes, hope, fucking, brutal, hope. It’s the worst!

If I just tell a denial slut she’ll never cum, well where’s the incentive there for her to be a good girl and keep her aching cunt well edged and dripping for me? Nowhere, that’s where.

But, oh but if I just leave that little sliver of hope, that maybe, maybe if she does more edges; maybe if she fucks herself longer, harder, deeper; maybe if she is prepared to go that one step deeper into the depravity she adores and fears, then maybe, just maybe I’ll let her have that orgasm she craves so much.

So I think you’ll find, as you go through the blog, I give permission to just enough of you to keep the rest aching, wishing it was them… hopeful.

Keep hoping, girls. It makes you a better denial slut.

And who knows, maybe it’ll be you I give permission to.

But probably not.

As for the OP, thank you for such a lovely post. If only you’d figured out the hope bit I would have let YOU cum. But no, you didn’t get it quite right. So no cumming for you, not yet.

Good girl.

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