They waited in silence while he showed the chaperone out of the door. They’d expected to take one back but he was so struck with the two of them he decided he wanted both.

‘Welcome to my house,’ he greeted them with a smile as he came back in the room.’ I know you’ve both been trained to work alone but the moment I saw you both, you really could be twins, I had a wonderful idea.’

‘For the entirety of your service to this house one of you will be allowed to orgasm, with my permission of course. The other of you will not, ever, be allowed to climax. Your only purpose will be to give that ultimate pleasure while you are denied it yourself. I know that’s hard but strict training and some medication will ensure it’s entirely achievable.’

He walked close to them and slide a hand under each of their skirts, their bare pussies smooth under his fingertips.

‘You both seem excited at the idea, or is that just your training? I tell you what, let’s let your cunts decide, whoever is wetter will be our denial slut.’

‘Grey or pink, grey or pink, which will it be?’ he wondered aloud, sliding a finger inside each of them.

His face turned to the right, a little smirk on his face, ‘Oh we have a winner, grey, definitely grey.’

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