They could only rent the dolls for a week, none were available for purchase, although for the price they could have bought ten of the other brands. But they were worth it, so realistic, the way they got wet, the way they felt inside, the little moans they’d give when fucked and used, that it was worth it.

Often a group of friends would share them, just to split the cost. And they always wanted to extend the rental, but were never allowed.

Because 7 days was as long as the girls inside the doll skin could last before they needed servicing – they usually drank enough cum to keep them fed and hydrated but better safe than sorry. 

The muscle relaxant would be reversed, they’d be allowed a bit of exercise and food, a day of free time to spend the considerable income they made for the work, before it was back in the lab, recoated, relaxed and shipped to the next customers.

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