‘I challenge  you to a Jill Off!’

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The rules

The challenger initiates the Jill Off with the above words, ‘I challenge you to a Jill Off’. The responder can either say, ‘I accept! To the cum!’ or decline with the words ‘I decline, your pussy is too strong for me’

The objective is to win the Jill Off by making your opponent orgasm before you do.

The loser becomes the winner’s pleasure toy for at least two hours and will pleasure and serve at the winner’s direction.

If neither contestant can make the other orgasm by the end of three rounds then the challenger automatically loses.

Upon acceptance both participants must strip to just one layer of clothing over their underwear.

In the event of one of the contestants not wearing a bra or panties the other must strip to match from the outset.

 You are allowed five minutes clean up time in the bathroom if required.

You may run the contest standing, sitting or lying down by mutual agreement, or each of the three rounds can proceed through one each.

If available a ‘Cumpire’ is to be chosen who will time the rounds and make any judgements if required, their decision is final.

See below for group options on the game.

Round 1

The opponents must face each other for a one minute face off where they can trash talk the other with things like ‘I’m going to make you cum so hard you little slut’, ‘I can see how wet you are already’, and informing them what they’ll make them do when they win such as, ‘I hope you like licking pussy as you’re going to spend the rest of the evening between my thighs when you lose, bitch’

After a minute or two of this by mutual agreement or by the cumpire’s instruction the two must press against each other and make out. Hands may be used anywhere but must stay outside of clothing.

The make out lasts two minutes at which point the contestants must separate. The challenger must put her hands behind her back and the responder has two minutes of kissing, breast play and through clothing clit rubbing while the challenger cannot move. The responder then receives the same.

Finally both contestants reach inside the other’s clothing and have five minutes simultaneous rubbing each other THROUGH their panties if they are wearing them.

If one of the contestants is brought to the edge, then in the first round only they may shout ‘I yield’ and the stimulation must stop. If they yield they must strip naked for the rest of the game. if they do not yield and they orgasm then they have lost the Jill Off.

Round 2

In round 2 both contestants strip to their underwear (if wearing, or if yielded, naked).

Again, a two minute round, with the responder starting, where the other must remain still and endure any pleasure given without orgasming. Then roles swap.

After this, bras are removed and five minutes simultaneous stimulation begins, in which you may reach inside underwear for the first time.

There is no yielding in this round, if one is brought to orgasm she loses.

Round 3

Both contenstants strip naked to begin this round. If sex toys or similar are available then they may be brought and laid out. 

The challenger must adopt a position of the responder’s choosing and endure a FIVE minute stimulation with hands, mouth and any toys they wish. 

If a virgin then the person receiving may declare, ‘I enact the virgin limitations!’ if she desires and so not be penetrated with anything larger than a finger.

After five minutes the roles switch again and the challenger stimulates.

Contestants then get to pick ONE toy each. The challenger gets to choose first unless they have previously yielded in round 1 in which case the responder chooses first.  Then a final ten minute round of simultaneous masturbation and stimulation ensues to try to get a winner.

In the event that neither party orgasm, the challenger, having initiated the Jill Off, is automatically deemed to have lost.

A Group Jill Off

If part of a larger group then a Group Jill Off may be initiated. The Challenger will ask the group, ‘Will you watch, stand or fight with us?’

If the consensus is ‘watch’ then that is all the group will do. 

If they choose ‘stand’ then those wanting to be involved will go and stand with their preferred contestant. Those standing with their contestant must stimulate themselves throughout the contest and their fate, to rule or to serve lies with their chosen champion. The teams may be unevenly weighted, that is not a problem, it just means if the smaller team or solo champion wins, they will have the larger group to serve and pleasure them. The losing team become the pleasure slaves of the winners for the rest of the evening.

If they choose ‘fight’ then the two contestants take turns picking from the group creating pairs of other Jill Offs, alternating who picks first. All pairs participate in the contest the same way as the first contestants, with the winning team being those who win the most pairings. In the event of a draw the first contestants win will be the decider. No matter if they lost their individual Jill Off, the losing team serve the winning team in all cases.

Have fun, and let me know what you think and how you actually use this!

James – female-orgasm-denial.tumblr.com

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