This is a game to be played with a very close friend (I might make a group version if this proves popular).

You are going to end up having sex if you don’t lose the game, that’s how far this will go, so just be aware – only do this with someone you are prepared in theory to go that far with.

The ‘easy’ options are weighted so they are far more likely. However, each time an option is picked it is removed from the game, so the harder ones get more and more common. This means if you start playing with it, make sure to refresh the page to get all the options back before you play.

This is best played on a computer as sometimes the words don’t appear fully on a phone etc, but you can scroll down to read what it should have been from the list.

Read the rules below the picture and then click the link below to begin!

The Denial Dare Wheel Game

The rules

Get yourselves in the mood first. Alcohol will definitely help, but not too much. 

Remember, this is a game. And it’s a dare game. Some of the things will be really pushing you. It is completely okay to stop at any time if you’re not having fun. Tell each other you understand and agree that.

If you want to you can go through the list down the wheel page and delete or change any of the choices. But it’s more fun not to really know what’s coming up and be aware that screws up the different weighting a bit.

Each of you takes a turn spinning the wheel and you have to do what it says. Sometimes this is for just you, sometimes it’s a joint dare.

How to lose

You get ONE pass where you can skip the task you are given. If you refuse to do a second task you lose the game!

Also, if you have an orgasm you LOSE the game, sometimes this will be your fault, sometimes it is the other person making you. You still lose.

The winner’s prize

The default winner’s prize is for the loser to be her slave for an hour. You have to do anything she tells you, which will possibly include going down on her and making her cum a lot (hint hint). You are of course allowed to agree a different prize BEFORE the game begins – you might want to make it for the rest of the day, or extend it much longer, or do something completely different!

On top of that the loser is not allowed to cum without the winner’s permission for THREE DAYS, but they have to edge four times a day at least or an extra day will be added on for each failed day (where you fail to edge four times or accidentally cum).

WINNER DENIAL BONUS – If the winner also chooses to be denied in the same way, then the loser must stay denied for as long as the winner, up to one whole week, at the end of which the loser has to make the winner cum three times before the loser is finally allowed to. The winner must ask the loser ‘Do you want to cum, or be denied for another week’ and stick with their decision.

It’s not called the Denial Dare Game for nothing!

Enjoy and I’d welcome any feedback on this!

James at http://female-orgasm-denial.tumblr.com/

Hmm, so this one is for two to play, but could easily be expanded to work for more. Posted in answer to the ask below.

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