“So things seem to be going well since the procedure?” observed the rep from FemOrgDen Inc. “It’s been five weeks since the implant, has your wife been able to orgasm at all since then?”

“No, she tried, poor thing, but it ruined the orgasm so badly she was physically ill. It’s been perfect!” Ralph replied, pushing her head down deeper on his cock.

“She just can’t stop touching herself though, as you said may happen,” he continued.

“Yes, but you’ve used the chastity belt to solve that, I assume?” the rep asked.

“Oh indeed, she’s in it whenever I go out, otherwise no housework would ever get done,” Ralph laughed.

“And her sexual appetitie?”

“Insatiable, as you can see! But I’m keeping her on oral and anal only for now as you recommended, it seems to keep her even more aroused.”

She let out a little whimper as she continued to work her husband’s cock without any shame.

“Any problems at all?” the rep asked.

“Not really, she’s gone from prim and proper to the perfect slut wife, just as you promised. My only concern is her insatiable desires. Last night I had the guys over and she was begging me to let her suck them off. I wasn’t sure what to do.”

“Well as long as you don’t object we tend to find it best to keep them in their belts and allow her to give oral to others. Your friends will adore you and we offer a 20% commission should they chose to use our services with their partners.”

“20 percent! You mean Bill got ten thousand for recommending us?” Ralph’s surprise mixed with a deep groan as he flooded his wife’s mouth with his seed.

“I do indeed, it’s the key to our extraordinary growth. In only three years 7% of women are now fitted with our implants! Some couples are making a full time income just from promoting us!”

Ralph lifted his wife from cleaning the last drops of cum off his cock and kissed her, whispering loudly in her ear, “Oh honey, I think you’re going to be sucking a lot of cocks from now on. Why don’t you start with Alex here…”

The rep unzipped his pants as she crawled over to him, a big smile on her face. 

“God I love this job,” he exclaimed as she took him deep down her throat.

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