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Girls like me need strict punishment, huh? Well this particular fantasy of mine will truly make you more angry. I’m usually the submissive type, but the only exception would be that I tie your wrists to the arms of a sofa chair so that you can’t get up and touch me. I’d sit right across from where you’re sitting, pull both my legs up and fuck myself with my fingers as hard as I want. Then I’ll cum as many times as I want, screaming, moaning, while you could only watch. How would you like that?

I’d like that very much.

1. I never get angry with a sub. If a dom can’t control himself how can he be trusted to control another.
2. I love being tied up, your rope skills will be tested.
3. You’d be denied a month for every orgasm you had. But I’d only tell you that after the sixth one.

Hello sir! I came when i wasnt supposed to, so im punishing myself by doing 10 edges every day, and trying to do anal every other day. Once i can edge with just anal i can cum! (im new to anal so only one edge, but im excited!)

Sounds a perfectly good plan.

I wish you no success at all and hope it takes you months.

You’re welcome!

I was supposed to be on no-touch today but I forgot and masturbated to orgasm. :/ He is very forgiving, but I think I deserve some kind of punishment. What would you recommend?

30 pussy snaps (elastic band pulled back and let go) and an evening of panty stuffing and no touch

Everyday I’m finding myself more horny and all I want to do is masterbate and cum. Everywhere I go I seem to find myself making the situation dirty. I’m single, with a lack of self control. What advice could you give me James?

I know it seems hard, but if you can find the control to NOT cum a few times, the challenge of lasting a day perhaps, edging three or four times during that day, you’ll start to understand why NOT cumming is so freaking amazing.

Don’t get me wrong, orgasms are great, but the only way you can find out how great denial truly can make you feel is to try going without them for a little bit.

You’ll discover this ongoing sexual ‘high’ that comes from being so horny and on edge, and it’s truly addictive.

So go on… I dare you, try not cumming, and see how it feels. 

Once you know, it gets a lot easier to put off that little moment of pleasure and be rewarded with feeling sexy and great all day long.