This is a very regular request actually, tying denial to getting and keeping fit. And the two do naturally mesh as they both have self control as their foundation.

Going to the gym 7 days a week isn’t often ideal, if you want to chat about optimal fitness regimes do feel free to message me. However, that aside, you want it meaner… here it is.

You get to cum, once a week as a maximum. You are to edge first thing every morning, last thing at night and direclty before any gym session. You will only be alllowed to cum if you have managed 5 gym sessions that week, and only had two meals where you haven’t stuck to your own good eating rules. If you’ve failed one of those then you may ruin your orgasm, both, nothing.

You will be limited to one orgasm a week until you reach your target weight.

But by then I think you’ll find you’re a little denial fitness bunny, and probably beg me to not let you cum more than once a month. That’s what usually happens.

We shall see.

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