I’ve always loved begging,
but I am too shy to beg naturally. 

Last night I begged so
shamelessly for so many things, and every time I think about it today I cannot
stop blushing and squirming as I feel myself getting wet. It was embarrassing
and I love that I did it. The fact that it is difficult for me to do only makes
it even more embarrassing that I did it so shamelessly last night. 

I wore my latex leggings
and a choker. He grabbed my hair and pulled me back; biting down hard on my
neck and making me cry out. With his teeth sunken into my neck, he grabbed and
spanked me. I whimpered so pathetically. I could feel my cunt get wet, and I
heard “please” leave my mouth. I don’t know what I was asking for. I was
just desperate for something more. 

He forced me to my knees
and I quickly took his big hard cock into my mouth. I drooled around him and it
fell onto my chest as I took him deep into my throat. I was a messy little cock

He pulled me up by my hair
and forced me onto the bed and forced his cock back in my mouth. I moaned
around him, and he told me to beg when I was ready to be fucked. As I sucked on
his cock my heart began to race at the idea of having to beg. I was so
distracted by the idea that I forgot to breathe. I pulled off him, panting
heavily, and asked him to fuck me. 

He began teasing my
throbbing little clit and told me to beg more. I missed a breath. I thought my
pathetic attempt at begging would have been enough but he wanted more. He
teased my wet hole until I couldn’t handle it. I needed to be stretched out. My
cunt ached to be filled, and I begged. He kept saying more, and I broke. I no
longer struggled with what to say. It all came out. I begged so easily and
shamelessly. I couldn’t believe it was me saying that.

I felt his cock enter my
tight cunt. I felt every part of him as he pushed deep inside my desperate
little cunt, and I moaned so loudly like the shameless whore that I am. He
fucked me hard and my desperate cunt got so wet. My juices went everywhere and
I wasn’t even ashamed. 

He pulled out and I felt
so empty and needy again. He tied me face down to the bed with my leather cuffs
and pulled out one of my canes. He sat in front of me and guided my mouth onto
his cock and I began sucking again. He reached over and began to cane me while
I sucked on his hard cock. Every time he hit I whimpered and jerked forward;
taking him deeper into my mouth. I felt my cunt get so much wetter from the
pain he was giving me. He pulled out of my mouth and I whimpered in
protest. I’m just a little cock addicted fuck toy. 

He started fucking me hard
again. I couldn’t stop whimpering and moaning as I felt his cock press right at
the back of my tight cunt. I was so full, and I could feel myself getting so
close to cumming. 

He told me I wasn’t
allowed to cum without permission. Which turned me on so much more. I swear it
is one of the hottest things anyone could say when you’re so, so close to
orgasm. And I begged. Without the need to be prompted, or time to get so
desperate that I couldn’t help but begged… I just begged. Shamelessly. I
begged to cum around him and he said no. I begged more, and more shamelessly.
My begging became more intense and honest. I couldn’t believe it was coming
from me. I’ve never begged like that before. He told me to cum, and immediately
I came so hard around him. A massive orgasm was torn from my helpless little
body and I didn’t have any control. He instructed me to cum and like a good
girl I did. 

It left me panting and
exhausted, but he continued to fuck me relentlessly. I felt myself get close
again and I was worried I wouldn’t be able to handle another orgasm so strong,
but I begged again for his permission because I knew I would not be able to
hold it back. I begged and begged until he told me to cum for him, and I
exploded around him again. It was so intense. My body was left weak and panting,
and already I could feel another building. I couldn’t control it. I couldn’t
stop it. I had to beg again. I could barely whisper because I was so exhausted.
I was a pathetic well used fucktoy. He let me cum around him again. I couldn’t
take any more. I collapsed beneath him. 

I was such a desperate
fucktoy that I begged shamelessly. I still can barely believe those words came
out of my mouth. I am proud of myself that I was able to do it, because now I
know I am able and that it is a good thing. I like begging. It shows what a
desperate cock addicted whore I am. 

Mmmph! 🙂

What he said.

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