So I bought myself this stuff as a well done for surviving this summer’s exams…I’m pretty new to kink (other than lurking and reading online), so I haven’t really done more than dabble with these things and not more than one at a time. Any suggestions as to how I could step it up a little? Your blog is amazing by the way X

Also, I’d appreciate if you keep this submission anonymous if you post it 🙂 I’m still a bit shy right now

Damn girl, if I was putting together a description of a perfect beginner’s sex toy collection (I actually am) then you’d have pretty much nailed it!

So, here’s a few little ideas that you may not have tried yet.

The vibe. Don’t just use it with your hands, try putting it down on the bed or a folded pillow and humping that thing. Also, don’t just use it on your clit, work it into the entrance of your pussy and slowly speed it up, also press it against the base of the vibe and the butt plug to transmit the vibrations up inside you.

Finally, tie that thing on with the rope and then see how long you can hold back, and when you finally go over, let it keep going, giving you forced orgasms.

Butt plug – making sure it’s ultra clean you can put it in your pussy and go out feeling stuffed (works better with bigger ones though). Also once you know you can wear it comfortably for a while, wear it somewhere totally inappropriate, a formal do, dinner with parents, whatever, so much fun.

Rope – this is what you need for the rope

and then this if it’s long enough:

Clamps – try them on your pussy lips as well as your nipples.

Then a combo with the gag, clamps, butt plug, and most importantly suction cup dildo stuck to a wall or other surface, just go crazy, edge and fuck your brains out

Here’s some inspiration:

That should be enough to get you started!

Let us know how you get on.


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