Orgasm denial really did a number on me these last few months. The thought of being aroused a lot lured me in. I was never ever going to last a week. I did more than three weeks twice so far. And loved it. Can’t wait to get there again. I was never going to have fantasies about being told “No” when I knew I was allowed to cum. Right? I love it now. Anal sucks and I’m not gonna like it ever. Uhuh. Sure. I’m asking for it nowadays. Also, I’m suddenly into tentacle and gangbang porn. Dirty audio files and some hypno stuff. I get semen cravings. Really bad ones. When I do cum I either wanted it to be a forced one, am thinking about being denied while doing it, or feel like I need punishment after. I used to be mean to girls/women… but male orgasm denial is the focus nowadays. And I discovered I love being pinned down using body weight, like an arm over my stomach/chest. Not being allowed to look at my partner is so hot. I’ve learned how to masturbate using my fingers, and am no longer ashamed to tell people I usually hump or vibe to get off on my own. I hate buttplugs, I still do, but I get ridiculously wet while edging when I’ve been told to wear one. I feel warm and fuzzy when someone sends me to bed. I like edging with a full bladder sometimes. I’ve been trying lots of new toys, pervertibles and places.

All new (re)discoveries in such a short period. It’s quite amazing. I wonder what a couple months more might bring. ^^

Well hot damn, WLB, that’s one hell of a testimonial.

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