Okay, so it’s National Masturbation month – the history of which is delightful:

National Masturbation Day, also known as International Masturbation Day and in Britain and Australia as “Wankers Day”, is an annual event celebrated on May 7,[1][2][3] to protect and celebrate the right to masturbate. The first National Masturbation Day was observed May 14, 1995, after sex-positive retailer Good Vibrations declared the day in honour of Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders, who was fired in 1994 by President Bill Clinton for suggesting masturbation be part of the sex education curriculum for students.

International Masturbation Day has since been expanded to include the entire month of May as International Masturbation Month


I’ll see what I can, cum up with, over the month to celebrate, but as I just posted, it’s the perfect build up to celebrating denial and edging in June with JuNO!

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