Hell, today was such a busy day I didn’t even have time to post the daily update earlier.

Today was actually quite interesting and frustrating. I woke up with such a wonderful thought that I’ll finally be able to have some pussy play in the shower. And I had a really good time while riding my dildo in so many different positions, but I couldn’t really bring myself to the edge. I also tried to combine it with a task of the day (hands free edging), so I keep the dildo inside and positioned myself under the tap, enjoying the water running over my clit. Eventually I decided to finger myself a bit, but that also didn’t really help me to get to the edge. So I thought maybe I’m just gonna try later.

It turned out I didn’t really have time to play until late in the evening. Once again I took my dildo out of my secret drawer and decided to go for it, while watching some porn of other girls using their own dildos. This time it was definitely more successful, it didn’t take a long time to bring me to the edge. I decided to use three different videos for three edges, and try to keep riding the edge for the whole video each time. I’m quite proud of myself for not making it ruined this time, as I felt I was very close to orgasm.

I have to admit I haven’t really been that much horny today, maybe that’s why the morning edging didn’t really work out for me. Hopefully tomorrow will bring me some more horniness.

It’s different for everyone Butterfly. Well done discovering what works for you.

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