We’re not even to the double digits of June and I’m loving and hating myself for singling up for juNO.

Before even seeing the challenge (, I had scheduled a date with daddy. I let him know about juNO and also sent the challenge to him.

His response was and evil grin.

I don’t think I can fully trust my memory for numbers of edges but I got my 3 for 6/7, made up the ones I was behind for starting late, and this morning took care of 6/8 (though I’m sure I’ll do more tonight).

– Daddy fingered me to an edge in bed.
– He then had me close my eyes and gave me multiple edges with an instrument I couldn’t see.
– Turns out the were makeup brushes. He then gave me more edges.
– He let me suck his cock. I love sucking cock but this was a whole new level of enjoyment.
– I think I edged grinding on his thigh (he took off his pants all the way cause I was going to leave a wet spot).
– I edges riding his hand that wasn’t moving.

Sleep soon found us. I woke up before Daddy and started reading Tumblr. I rubbed my nipples with him wrapped around me getting more and more turned on.

We woke up and made out a little and Daddy asked if I wanted an edge before work.


He edged me with his fingers, his mouth, and then his fingers and his mouth. He contemplated letting me have a ruin but decided against it.

Afterwards I noticed how hard Daddy was. I begged him to fuck me since my pussy was already so wet for him. He had me suck him completely hard and then fucked me.

I was so turned on but there was also a certain… freedom? No, that’s not the right word…

I wasn’t chasing my orgasm so I was able to focus on how hot Daddy looked so turned on and fucking me. I could tell when he was about to cum. It was so hot.

He rolled off me… and edged me with his fingers one more time.

Once I had words, off, into the shower and then walked to the train to go to work.

I’ve written this all on my phone. Work should be quiet today. I’m not sure how coherent I am.

I told Daddy that i was such a silly masochist.

He said it wasn’t silly.

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