I had to sleep locked in my chastity belt last night. I woke up trying to grind my needy pussy against it. Couldn’t feel a thing!

This morning marked the start of my period. I had never edged whilst on my period but armed with tampons, I was ready.

Same old for the edging. I reached the first edge so quickly though, not sure if that’s because its the 8th day without release or because its my time of the month (i’m sure I read that can make you more sensitive?).

Now, i’m so disappointed in myself. I managed 8 days with only the ruin that was given for the task. And I went over. On the third edge, I went over. Ruined it of course. I could cry. Partly because I fucked up my perfect edging only streak and partly because my clit is throbbing even more now and i’m twice as horny as I was before I edged.

What can I do to make it up to everyone?


Lily, you’re doing amazingly. You did exactly what you were supposed to, ruined it when you went over by accident.
Stop being so hard on yourself and focus on the fun.
However, as I know it’ll make you feel better, each edge tomorrow must be preceded by 50 pussy smacks.
Good girl.

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