The Female Orgasm Denial Experience!

Well with a lots of likes and messages it appears you lot want to try a bit of extended denial. I’d normally like to plan something like this much better but let’s give it a go!

Firstly thanks to Hyacinth3704 for the idea! Sorry I didn’t let you cum on your birthday but I’m a bastard and you had it coming.

So, I want this to be a fun and very positive exercise. We’re not going to have any punishments if you fail, although there will be ‘funishments’ along the way. The whole point of it is to give you girls the chance to try out a bit of a longer period of denial, and know that there are lots of other denial sluts on the journey with you.

You are free to amend any of the basic rules to suit your situation, but try to decide what you’re going to do, and stick with it!

I very much want this to be a communal thing so I want you to be sending me regular updates on how you’re doing and I’ll post as many of them here as I can. Please give yourself a name or nickname so we can track how you’re doing!

You don’t have to opt in, but feel free to like and reblog this note as an indicator you are, maybe if you dare, add a bit of personal detail – which country you’re from, how old you are, what’s the longest you’ve ever been denied, how you feel about it – that would be truly fascinating.

Also totally encourage others to join in! The more the merrier.

I’m not going to promise to add daily tasks for this but we’ll regularly have extra ‘twists’ you can introduce and know others are trying it too.

If you blog about it on your own tumblr please use the tag #juNO30days so others can find it. 

If you really want to get into this think about setting up a secondary blog on Tumblr (they are anonymous) and posting daily updates and more on there. I will feature those heavily!

JuNO – The Basic Rules

  1. The aim is to not orgasm for 30 days in a row, while you deliberately make yourself as horny as possible by daily ‘edging’
  2. You are to edge yourself a minimum of three times a day, once before you get up, once last thing in bed, and once during the day – but more edges is great, decide what works for you, but AT LEAST 3 unless otherwise instructed
  3. You are to have fun. If you’re not having fun you’re not doing it right
  4. If you accidentally go over the edge into an orgasm, you must immediately stop all stimulation and so ‘ruin’ the orgasm. If you ruin the orgasm like this you have not failed and are still on course – but you are NOT allowed to ruin again that day and you must try your hardest not to at all (ruins will be given as separate, extra tasks).
  5. If you do have a proper orgasm during the 30 days then you have failed to complete JuNO, but you are still welcome to keep on participating!
  6. JuNo is only for women (and their partners) and those who identify themselves as such. Sorry boys, I know you love this stuff but you already have Locktober, NOvember and more. This is a ‘girls together’ kinda thing but feel free to try it, just please don’t be messaging me about it, thank you xxx
  7. If you’re late to the party you can start when you want, just follow the tag below to get all the relevant notes and instructions.

And here for any others


To clarify what an edge is within the context of denial – it is ANY masturbation effort during your denial. It does not matter if you get to THE edge of an orgasm (although it’s great if you can and definitely a goal), as long as it feels good and makes you hornier, it’s an edge.

This also means you can’t do all your edges in one go, just getting to the edge of an orgasm and ‘bouncing there’ a dozen times does not mean you’ve done 12 edges. It’s one, sorry! My game, my rules. You need at least a ten minute gap between reaching the edge of an orgasm and getting yourself back there for it to count again towards your total (Just in case some of you want to go crazy and do lots of edges).

But the main point of JuNo is to just keep horny, have fun, and experience, I hope, the feeling of euphoria associated with longer term denial (the denial high). It’s also to help you gain greater self-confidence, sexual positivity and to discover, I hope, that you do actually have some self-control!

This is not a competition – it’s a collaborative experience. So please, post updates on your blogs, send me submissions and asks with updates. Anything that I think is of interest will get posted, if it’s positive or negative, share your experience.

However, it is a strict rule, and it’s strict to help you persevere. There’s no cumming for 30 days, no exceptions. You cum just once and it’s over and you have to start again. But you aren’t going to cum, are you? Because you’re a good girl, and good girls don’t cum without permission. 

So are you ready, my little denial slut? Are you ready to make your pussy drip, your clit ache and show me just what you’re capable of?



IT IS! Let’s do this!

Put your hand in your panties, right now. Rub that clit and say out loud, ‘I promise not to cum for 30 days. I am a denial slut’.

Good girl, no going back now. Give me a good edge and get ready for more…

Welcome to JuNO, it’s going to be one hell of a ride!



I’m caving and making a side account that I can start exploring my kinky side on. I figured this was a great way to start off.

I saw the JuNO post as I was getting into bed and I spent about an hour edging before I got down the nerve to write about it.

Pain has been on my mind a lot recently when I’m masturbating so tonight I grabbed some clothespins and started to play. I began by added clips to each of my nipples and from there I took the other clips and put two on each side of my pussy. I’ve put a clothespin on my clit before haven’t really played with clips on my labia. Tonight I wanted to spread everything out for easy access and for the view ?. I situated myself in front of a mirror and got to it.

I didn’t want to deal with string so I added a little bit of tape to make sure the clips were in place and pulling. Then I spent some time slapping my clit. I added a clip to my clit but got impatient and took it off to rub and finger myself. I started edging and moved on to take all the clips off. The feeling of my blood rushing back into my nipples and pussy felt so nice and it just made me wetter. I wrapped up by edging a couple more times and had to stop because I was so close. I’m still so horny and I keep idly touching.

So for June 1 I didn’t get my three separate edges in but I tried to end my night with a bang anyways! I haven’t done any long term denial but it’s always been a huge turn on and I’m really excited to give this month a go.

A great note on the original task, which I thought was worth reblogging too! (Check the notes for more!)

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