Day 2 was much the same as day 1. Time is a big issue for me with family and work commitments so i’m almost always forced to keep my masturbating to the bedroom and I can only really do it in the evenings.

Although my three edges were completed right before I went to sleep again I noticed that it took me far less time to reach the first edge, a result of lack of release the night before leaving me feeling a little horny, horniness made worse by my sneaky tumblr browsing throughout the day (I can still do that, even if I can’t touch!). I enjoyed bouncing the third edge a couple of times to and was rather disappointed to stop but by then it was after 1am and I was at the dangerous point of going over if I continued. Couldn’t have that now, could we?

1pm on day 3. There’s not a chance in hell i’ll be able to do any edges before 7.30pm due to the fact my almost 3-year-old has refused naps for the past few weeks and is currently sat beside me watching Ben and Holly as I type this. I am aiming to do the first edge around 7.30 before I go for a shower. I’ve had a play in the shower before but never brought myself to edge there so i’m going to try and do the second edge in the shower, probably using a combination of fingers and the shower head. I’m not sure about the third yet. After the second edge i’m going to be starving, i’m not that horny that i’ll pass on a takeaway. The third one might be done before bed again but since I always opt for a vibrator to bring me to the edge i’ll try with fingers only for this one.

Chickened out of telling a friend about juNo so far. I’ll see if I can pluck up the courage tonight!

Oh T&D, I love how practical your journals are, it’s so helpful! Thank you and keep it up!

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