Oh Dani, what a lucky girl you are! And well done for stepping out and taking that risk, I’m so glad it’s paying off.

I find in almost all cases when you take a bit of a risk with friends you trust, and just let it slip that you’re a bit kinky, they open up that they are too. At the very least they are positive about it, because they like you, and so they like learning about what you’re into.

Time and again I hear of friends finally sharing only to discover they’ve BOTH missed out on years of sharing that part of their lives with each other, whether it’s as just friends who can talk about anything, or something with more benefits, as you so delightfully describe.

Just be aware, adding ‘benefits’ to any friendship does complicate things, and as much as you might enjoy just going with the flow for now, at some point soon you do want to have a sit down and just discuss what’s happening, what your expectations are, how you define boundaries, etc. As we don’t want the fun to mess up all the good things you already have with them, we want it to be an extra dimension.

Wanna let it slip?

If you’re looking to ‘let it slip’ on purpose, then edging is actually a really interesting way to segue into it. It’s because it sits right on the boundaries of classic BDSM that so many have wrong impressions about, and come to with prejudged ‘whips and gags and gimps, oh my!’ kind of mindset (if they aren’t into it).

Edging however, well it’s more about masturbation, and everyone does that right… But then the idea that you’d NOT cum on purpose, is truly intriguing.

The way I’d suggest works?

‘God I’m so horny’

That’s it, simple as that. If they are open to talking about sex, they’ll ask why or suggest something, if not, they’ll just laugh about it. If they don’t follow up, that’s fine too. Maybe they will later, maybe they won’t.

And assuming they do ask why, or suggest something ‘Oh I’m edging, not allowed to cum’ Simple as that. You have them hooked. Again, they give consent to get into this by asking more. And they almost always want to know more at that point.

That opens you up to talking about sex, masturbation, edging, give your own story, what you like about it, how it makes you feel. If they’re interested, it can branch off into other kinky things. And if they are the slightest bit kinky themselves, you being open will get them to admit they are too. And you’ll actually get to talk about it, and you’ll suddenly realise it wasn’t such a big deal.

And then, who knows what can happen. Maybe they’ll turn out to be dom/me or at least a denial bitch and you can experience what the OP has, or perhaps denial buddies is a path to explore, or most likely, you just discover you have friends you can share this kind of stuff with and let it deepen your friendship even further.

Some stats for you

I monitor visits to this blog from the web (i.e. not tumblr) and 1.25 million people have visited it since I set it up. That does NOT include you lot visiting it from within Tumblr, on the dashboard or app. That’s hundreds of thousands more regular visitors on top of these numbers.

50% of people who search for ‘female orgasm denial’ visit this blog. So that means 2.5 million people have searched for it in the last three years. It’s starting to get to the level of popularity where I’m getting reports of followers opening up to their friends, only to find their friends follow me too.

What’s the chances yours do? Maybe it’s time to find out, and if they don’t already, get them started. You know how great it is, why wouldn’t you want them to know too?

Become an Edging Evangelist today.

Thanks OP for the great report, let us know how you get on!

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