Also, christian denial slut as well. It’s cool to see I’m not alone in exploring my body. -bobbi 

Thanks Bobbi, I should make some more challenges like that I think! What other topics might be suitable, hmmm…

So, leaving your orgasm to me huh, that’s always dangerous.

But I just had a girl ruin an orgasm she’d earnt, so I guess I have one going spare. I was very mean, just as she was on the edge I asked her, what she really wanted, to cum, or to ruin it for me.

She asked to ruin it.

I tell you what, why don’t you get right to the edge too, and then ask yourself the same question, ‘Bobbi, do I want to cum, or ruin it?’ I want you to whisper out loud.

You HAVE to do the first reply that comes into your head.

Have fun with that, and do make sure to write and tell us how you got on!

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