Just because her holes were off limits, didn’t mean he had to miss out on a giving her a good fucking.

I love the last photo with the timer. Gives me an idea for a sub couple with both man and woman kept in chastity.
What is it you ask?

Well, their master/mistress doesn’t stop them from sharing a bed, but they only have 30 minutes a week to have martial relations.. But that doesn’t mean they get a reprive from their servitude. So instead they both must have their sexual relations with proxies.

The flesh light is strapped atop her chastity belt, and he sports a fake cock on his hips. After the amount of time they have served in chastity together, even this sham of sex is something they cherish together as marital chastity slaves.

Oh that’s great, @mastercowley! Any sub couples want to volunteer? 

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