What, this girl?

Nothing about this is fair, and that’s what gets your cunt just so achey and wet. That smart, pretty, popular little good girl you would spread your legs and rub your wet little mound for me day after day without release, just for my amusement.

Now, that first ask was just two days ago and you’re already writing begging? Okay, here’s your present. A coin on Christmas day. That you give to a family member and ask them to flip it, but not tell you the result till your birthday two days later. (Make up some bullshit about testing psychic powers if you have to).

Five edges a day for those two days. And then, you ask. If it’s heads, you can cum, as much as you want, all birthday long.

Tails, and you don’t get to cum for two more weeks.

Merry Christmas, and happy birthday!

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