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Well, i have a quick question becuase im going to get numb soon, i even find writing difficult, becuase i cant focuse, so im sorry for the mistakes if a make any, so Im in denial for 1,5 week and i really need to cum, like it became my only purpose in life;D and i got to ask even though I want the answer to be “no” but also i wish you could say yes, that dont even makes sense but im really out of my mind now, so can I cum at least one time today? Please (but also no i dont know wth), you decide


You’re welcome!


Permission granted

“Call me. I want to hear you beg.”

His voice is calming like the sea, but equally dangerous. I’m weak when I hear him. He takes all my anxiety away.

I call him and I close my eyes.

“Please can I cum?”

“I’m not sure you really want to,” he says. I pout. “I’m not really sure I want to either,” I say. I’m already edging. After two months into denial I’ve become scared of cumming. Staying needy and wet is safe, familiar. An orgasm feels scary. But I’m really desperate. He can hear the wand and I quietly moan.

“Come on. You can get closer than that.”

I get closer and closer until I think I can’t hold it anymore, and he pulls me back. “Control your breathing. If you go over now, you’re ruining it.”

I whine, but pull back a little.

“Maybe I should just ruin you anyway.”

“Noooo, please, I want to cum.”

“What you want isn’t always what’s best for you.”

I want whatever he wants. If he tells me to stop now, I will cry but obey. I’ll do anything for him.

I get to the edge again. I get louder and more desperate and I start to beg again.

“Hmm, that’s better. Stay here for a bit.”

“Please, please, please let me cum, please Sir.”

“Shh, be quiet, I’m writing an email.”

I don’t know if he’s serious or not. The idea of him multitasking while making me beg turns me on and also annoys me. I don’t know how to feel. I go quiet.

“Stay on the edge,” he warns. “If you lose it, we’re stopping.”

I edge harder again. I get closer but try to stay quiet. It’s harder to go over like this. I’m not as close as I should be but I beg quietly, struggling to control myself and struggling to edge hard like this too.

“Good girl,” he says. “Cum for me now.”

But I’m not ready, I’m not close enough, and I panic. I press the wand down hard but he can hear that I’m not there yet.

“Come on. I told you to cum.”

I whine and moan. He can hear my desperation, I know he can, and I can hear the enjoyment in his voice. I’m scared he’ll take it away again. I think he did it on purpose.

“Don’t you want to cum? If you don’t, we’re stopping.”

He starts to count down from 10. It scares me but also helps me.

When he gets to four, I finally go over, and I scream. I haven’t cum in nearly two months. I’ve ruined every single time I’ve gone over. I don’t stop this time, with his voice in my ear. It’s amazing and entirely overwhelming. My clit isn’t used to this anymore. It hurts.

He stops counting. “Is that you cumming? Good girl.”

I cum hard, and as soon as it ends I want to cum again. I’m both grateful and scared when he tells me to turns the wand up to maximum.

I moan and scream and cry while he keeps talking. Good girl. Yes, this is what I wanted. Don’t stop. Harder.

I can’t respond, only scream, but I love everything he says.

I have three… maybe four orgasms. I nearly choke. I cry and try to stop. I beg him to let me stop but he tells me I can cum more. It hurts but it feels amazing.

When he finally tells me that’s enough, my heart is racing. He says sweet, loving things while I try to recover.

Finally, happy and pleased and thankful, I purr: “thank you, Sir.”

“You’re very welcome, sweetie.”

I love cumming. I want to do it again.

Wonderful, and very accurate account, well done sweetie.

But as for cumming again, wasn’t it the fact that it’d been two months that made it so good?

I wonder how it’d be after four…

Once she was bound and gagged he picked up the book by the side of her bed. She’d told him about it in their chat of course. He could smell her on it, the crinkled, juice worn corners of the pages showing how often she’d got off to it.

He flicked through, looking at the girls in all kinds of uncomfortable bondage positions. ‘This is you now, fuck toy.’ he told her. ‘My little bondage puppet. I’m going to do all this to you, think on that. And you can forget about cumming again, the one I walked in on and ruined was your last.’

But then, to her horror, he went back to the bedside table, and started exploring in the hidden recess under the drawers.

‘Now that’s the book you told me about, I wonder what else I might find that you haven’t told me about?’

She went completely still and silent as his fingers found her most secret journal, filled with her darkest, most forbidden fantasies.

He smiled, as he pulled it out, standing, running his finger over the cover. ‘Whatever I find in here, I’m doing to you too. And there’s nothing you can do about it.’

Hi James, what are your favorite ways to make a denial girl drip?

That’s surprisingly easy to answer.

The right words.

To help her to trust me enough to confess her innermost fantasies, the things she thought she’d never tell anyone. The things she’s been rubbing her clit to and getting off to for years. And then gifting them to me. 

And I take that gift, and make it my own. Suddenly, for the first time, her fantasies, out of her control, shaped by me, controlled by me, all of it happening to her as my words unfold where I want to take it. Rubbing herself, so close, knowing if she cums the story will end, so holding on, for more, going deeper, taken deeper, harder, dirtier than she even imagined it.

Then leaving it unfinished, like her orgasm. Desperate, to hear more, to touch more, each reinforcing the other, body and mind in perfect frustrated harmony. 

She’s addicted, one hit is all it takes. She’s mine then. The pen is mightier than the collar.

And I’m only just getting started…

Hey James! My boyfriend and I are in a long distance relationship and I’ve been into denial for forever. He started me off with orgasm denial for only a few days at a time, and it turned into a week at a time, then one day I got so horny I told him I didn’t want him to let me cum without him inside of me ever again. Naturally, my wish came true. I haven’t cum since early June, and I won’t again until September. And I couldn’t be happier with my decision.

So, so great! I love it, thank you for sharing. Make sure you edge extra hard then show him this reply.

Oh and if he’s reading it… September seems a bit generous – I’d give her an orgasm for Christmas myself. 😉

You’re so fucked.


I want to cum so bad. Just reading at your blog make me so horny. Can I cum please? I will do anything for it. Please please please. Xoxo

You’ll do anything?

Submit an image with ‘Don’t let me cum’ written across your chest and send it in.

Hey! I love reading about denial and edging and it’s got me very interested and horny! I’ve been a naughty girl and orgamed when I wasn’t suppose to. Now I have 30 hours until I return home to my fiancé and was wondering how many times I should edge myself before then and if you have a punishment in mind? (Please don’t go easy on me)…Amy

Hi Amy (I really love it when you use a name, my little sluts, then we can get some continuity!)

Naughty girl, well done asking for a punishment (and all the detail helps SO much).

30 edges, they can’t be less than 10 minutes apart.

And you’re not allowed any underwear or to clean up till the task is finished.

Hi! I’m really really desperate to touch, but Sir won’t let me. All he’ll let me do is tease my clit with a vibe, through panties. I can’t even edge. Maybe, if you have the time, could you please convince him to let me? He might listen to you. Thanks James! -Jewel

Hi Jewel’s dom! 

When a girl writes to me like this she’s really begging for you to make it worse. I’d limit her clit play severely and just let her fuck herself with fingers, and make her beg for the vibe, let alone going under panties.

Also make her research ‘anal only’ and send you links just to really fuck with her – it’s probably what she’s really hoping for.

Maybe one edge a week just to let her remember how good they felt, or only administered by you is even better. If you only give them after she’s had a good hard spanking she’ll love you for it.

(You’re welcome Jewel! Let’s hope he listens huh!)

How do i deep throat without being sick ? My gag reflex is really strong but i love sucking dick. Also i feel like he would be more into denial if he got more benefits. Me and bf tried it but he didn’t understand why i wanted to be wet and horny all the time 😞. Please help natalie x

I have awful trouble deepthroating.

I’m just not bendy enough.

Art by: Bask (there’s one for you furries!)

(Any guy that claims he never tried this is full of shit).

When it comes to someone else’s cock the main tips seem to be, practise with a dildo, it’ll help you learn to overcome that gag reflex. Make sure you’re trying a swallowing action as it goes down too.

Some recommend trying a throat numbing spray, but it’s not something I’ve got experience with.

Your body position is important, lying on your back with your head tilted back over the edge of the bed is the easiest position to let him throat fuck you.

Go slow, it takes time to master and and make sure you’re communicating and learning it together. You don’t become Heather Brooke overnight.

Be aware though, deep throating looks good but does not make for an automatically great blowjob. Making a connection with him, having fun, and using your mouth on the head of his cock while your hand plays with the shaft and balls are far more important in my opinion that getting his cock further down your throat. It might be you gagging is a turn on for him, but then again it may be a huge turn off.

Oh, and give him this to read:

Why you should be denying your girlfriend her orgasms