‘I’ll let you cum if you go completely naked to the fancy dress party this weekend, baby’

She was a clever little thing, and good with a paintbrush, and he couldn’t have been happier when she walked out of the bathroom in her ‘costume’.

‘Clever girl! You look, amazing, I particularly like the hat! But honey, I hope it’s all waterproof…’ 

Turns out, it wasn’t.

He whispered in his ear all the way there how he planned to make her cum, all the things he was going to do to her later, and as she stood up to leave the taxi, the first drip fell from her pussy.

The fact she was naked, despite how she looked, kept her so aroused and the dripping never stopped. The facade of paint between her thighs soon began to wash away and before half the evening was through, her most intimate place was not only bare, but her dripping arousal could not have been more obvious.

The nakedness, the growing humiliation, all served to make it all the worse, and hotter.

But it was worth it, she was going to be allowed to cum, and at home, as the memory faded a little, she grew more and more excited. Showering herself off she went over and over the things he’d whispered in her ear.

And he was true to his word, closer and closer he took her, with cock and hand and mouth. On the screaming edge of the orgasm she’d craved for so very long.

And then he stopped.

‘Oh baby, I was so proud of you, but I did say completely naked…if only it weren’t for that silly hat.’

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