Well so much for my two hours… While I was pressing my Hitachi on my clit and sucking on a plug I was contacted via Tumblr chat by @iwantyoutobemydirtysecret. Well we did have a short history of him having a hard time accepting that I won’t travel in a foreign country to be brainwashed and leave my fiance and family behind. Later he interrupted while I was at the funeral of my brother.
Well I counted the first one as dark fantasy and the second one as bad luck, but just now he threatened to come and take me away.

First of all everybody who tries to come between me and my family will always loose. I’m 100% loyal and part of my wonderful relationship is that I can be completely free in what I post and what fantasies I indulge in because my fiance trusts me that I will keep us anonymous.

I’m completely okay with Fantasies, even really dark ones and if they won’t do anything for me I will tell you, BUT you will never be part of my reality. My reality is great as it is. It gains from my experiences online and from the fantasies and interesting people I meet.

And to make everything worse… While I was angry about having to fight off a fuckboy I was unfocused and came, despite stopping the Vibrator. I’m still angry and far from satisfied. So I have to ask the expert @female-orgasm-denial. Does anyone this count as ruined orgasm?

Definite pass on that one Jessy. Being distracted by psycho fuckboys is a valid excuse.
But to communicate this lesson to your pussy make sure to give it a good hard spanking before your next edge. At least 30 pussy smacks or more until you think it’s learnt its lesson.
Good girl.

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