Okay so assume I’ve done the rant about safewords must be respected and not to is a big abuse of trust, etc, etc – because that’s all true and very important. 

But, sometimes, we fuck up. It sounds like he fucked up. To say ‘he didn’t think you meant it’ though is complete bullshit. That’s exactly what safewords are there to eliminate – any lack of clarity if you mean it or not. The safeword ALWAYS means it!

So, should you be mad? If he can’t admit he fucked up and continues to make excuses, yes, you can get mad. However if once you talk to him, he can say sorry, and realise he fucked up – well I’d move on.

But have no doubt, this is a serious first strike offence. And I’m not sure I have more than two strikes before someone’s out on this kind of shit. SO yeah, consider him warned!

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