Aww honey, did we break you? That can happen occasionally to real denial sluts. They are so determined not to cum their body grants their wish. 

I hope the last proper orgasm you had was a good one, because it really was your last. I’m afraid it’s permanent in my experience. You simply won’t be able to feel your orgasms any more. There’s just no release from the horniness you’re going to constantly feel for the rest of your life. In fact this tends to only make you even hornier as you’re getting what you really wanted.

There’s a small chance you can cum again. What you need to do is edge as much as you can, 8-10 times a day, and you need to do it until you’re going absolutely crazy, and then even more, four, five weeks, at a minimum without going over (or you need to start over again).

Then when you are insanely horny, a whole week of no touch, well five days at least. Just playing with your breasts, nothing else.

And then, then you masturbate right to the edge and should be able to have a proper orgasm again. Probably, well maybe, fingers crossed.

If you don’t there’s always Brand New in Box to help you adjust to the life of an anorgasmic denial slut.

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